musings of a 9 year old homestucker

a silly girl sits atop of her bed. it just so happens that today, she is going to be writing about homestuck, a thing she has loved since the age of 8. though it was 8, nearly 9 years ago she was introduced to it, it is only today she will write a zine page on it!

what is homestuck?

> Harmony: Explain what Homestuck is

you may already know what homestuck is or maybe youre one of the people who never saw the comic that had such a grip on teenagers of the past generation and even teenagers of now
homestuck is simply put, a webcomic about 4 kids who play a game that brings about the end of their world; later down the road they meet a group of alien species named trolls who also played the game!!
now, how did i get into it?? :D

in august of 2013, my older sister showed me a comic dub done by the channel octopimp!

i immediately became interested in knowing what the heck this was and who the heck these characters were. my older sister actually introduced me to it so itd possibly be something we could bond over but she'd never expect itd only take one silly video for a child to spiral into an obsession that would go on for about a year! ....a year you may be wondering?? .....i'll get into that a bit later!!

from then on, i was a huge fan!! my immediate favorite character was aradia megido!

i thought she was so cool and pretty!! and shes an aries like me :D homestuck was literally how i learned that zodiac signs were even a thing o_O to this day, aradia is still my favorite troll! unfortunately, i never caught up as a kid so i didnt get to see the end of the gigapause(a year long hiatus from october 2013-october 2014) but i wasnt even really a reader technically!! for some reason my child brain's attention span was like "no im not reading this" so i watched the let's read dub of it by voxus!!

i found the lets read much more fun because it brought more life into the characters :D but by far, the thing i did the most relating to homestuck?? was watch the fancontent!

youtube was the place i interacted most with homestuck content and still is today! theres so many videos im so fond of because of how i discovered them when i was a kid. i was watching comic dubs,

music videos,


not to mention the parodies and fansongs!

and cosplay stuff!!
i credit homestuck to being my first introduction to cosplay as a whole and i still love cosplay to this day! i love seeing all of the silly fun videos of yesteryears where it was just friends cosplaying and having a blast. these were the videos i looked up to as a kid, wishing i was there and wishing i could do the same, the videos where me, now seventeen, can still wish the same!! i remember putting on a tutu dress i had and dancing around my room to the song call me maybe pretending i was cosplaying my fantroll asking out some of the characters! its such a silly memory but i always smile about it C: i remember for halloween when i was 9 meeting someone who was in vriska cosplay and when i realized that they were cosplaying from homestuck let me tell you i was absolutely raving about it!!

in january of 2015 my obsession with homestuck had to come to a stop due to my mother banning me from it (because jesus homestuck is def not appropriate for a kid that young!!) i was really upset about it but after some months i moved on! for years, however, i felt kinda afraid to get back into it because i didnt want to be as obsessed as i was with it and annoy everyone around me about it D: when i was 12, the only thing related to homestuck i allowed myself to get into was watching homestuck vine/musically cosplay compilations and hiveswap. it may seem silly now but technically i was still banned! in april 2019, i finally just let go of that fear of becoming way too obsessed with it again and let myself enjoy it again and im so happy i did

the screenshot is from august but i attribute april to being when i got back into it!

from june-july 2021, i set out a goal to finally finish homestuck and i did it!! and i loved it so much. theres alot of things in homestuck that was poorly written or poorly executed and i dont mind admitting that. theres still alot however, i believe to be good about the comic! i enjoy how random it can be and i love the pesterlogs and how silly they can be.
the music, the animation??? jesus christ, alot of homestuck is INSANE!! it can be boring at times and then it can be so exciting at others!! some of this may not make any sense, i dunno, i just wanted to write about homestuck and how happy its made me :] at least the fancontent as thats where most of my fond memories lie!! that doesnt mean i dont have fond memories with the comic itself; its something that has brought me so much inspiration and i think itll be something that will always be present in my brain. a kid and homestuck is probably a thing that shouldnt mix well at all but i think for me it did! if i could go back and redo some of my choices during the first obsession i would but ill always appreciate it for being such a positive thing in my childhood

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